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Collaboration Moves Forward

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Featured Research Project

Dr. Frank Vecchio Develops Tools to Analyze Deficient Concrete Structures

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IC-IMPACTS Hosts Annual General Meeting

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IC-IMPACTS Announces Open Call for Proposals

Open Call Launched for Collaborative Research Proposals Between Canada and India

Projects Funded
HQP in Training
We are developing new tools to assess the condition of aging concrete structures, new technologies to monitor the structural health of civil infrastructure, and new technologies to repair and reinforce structures (including low-carbon construction materials made with recycled agricultural and industrial wastes).
We are developing, testing, and implementing new water quality sensor technologies to monitor and evaluate the health of water and developing new technologies for treating both potable and waste water.  We are also supporting the development of innovative alternative power supplies to support water quality and water treatment technologies.
IC-IMPACTS Public Health theme is being re-envisioned to deliver major innovations and impacts to communities in Canada and India through the application of advanced sensor systems and decision aids to improve the detection, prevention and management of infectious and water-borne illnesses. The new vision will be announced and showcased soon.
Upcoming Events
April 23, 2014 – Ottawa, Canada
NCE Best Practices Session

April 23-25, 2014 – Ottawa / Toronto, Canada
Canada India Infrastructure Forum

June 19-22, 2014 – Surrey, Canada
CINI Health & Civil Society Workshop

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