Repairing Aging Sewer Systems with an Eco-Friendly Coating Solution

IC-IMPACTS research team led by Prof. Nemy Banthia at The University of British Columbia, has developed and tested a novel cement-free, corrosion-resistant multiphase composite coating material. In early 2021, in a collaboration with Metro Vancouver and Metro Testing + Engineering, the researcher team successfully demonstrated the application of this novel coating material at the Tilbury Sewer Chamber in Vancouver, BC.

Repairing aged and deteriorated infrastructure is an ongoing challenge for many municipalities. This is complicated by the fact that aging infrastructure is often located in crowded and developed areas that have changed significantly since the original design and installation. Cement-based repair materials have been historically used to repair damaged and deteriorated infrastructure, however, production of cement is responsible for nearly 8% of the global CO2 emissions.

Future Development

The research team continues to enhance the sustainable repair materials that can be used by the construction industry to efficiently repair deteriorated infrastructure. Methods of monitoring the condition of the original concrete pipe over time, after the coating has been applied, is also being studied.