IC-IMPACTS Call for Innovative Technology Demonstration Projects

IC-IMPACTS continues to accept proposals under the Innovative Technology Demonstration Call, seeking proposals that are relevant to IC-IMPACTS themes:

  1. Safe and Sustainable Infrastructure
  2. Integrated Water Management
  3. Public Health
  4. Food Security

The objectives of the IC-IMPACTS Call for Innovation Demonstration Projects are to:

  • Encourage the transfer of existing research and technology to communities;
  • Improve the health, safety, and prosperity of Indian and Canadian communities through the introduction of these new technologies.
  • Demonstrate the scalability of these innovative technologies and make them available in the Canadian and Indian marketplace;

IC-IMPACTS is inviting researchers to submit proposals in the deployment-ready stage. The application should clearly demonstrate the following:

  • Technology demonstration and product adaptation: a unique and innovative technology to be adapted by the community, providing a solution to an existing problem, meeting local regulations, different market price-points, unique community requirements;
  • Validation: validation of the research in the field, within a community context. Also validating factors such as functionality, performances, quality, usability and community uptake potential;
  • Replication and scalability: proof of scalability and transferability to different settings, parameters to assess scalability and reliability. Symmetrical projects that take the technology to the partner country are of particular interest (i.e. first demonstrated in Canada, then in India or vice versa).


Projects must be based on excellence in research and have the following additional elements:

  • Include Canadian academic team member(s);
  • Include Canadian graduate student involvement;
  • Include an industry partner either from Canada or from India;
  • Include a support letter from the industry partner, stating their commitment to the project by providing in-kind support;
  • Cash support from the industry partner is strongly recommended but not mandatory;
  • Include a support letter from community or demonstration site where technology will be installed;
  • If a project does not have a team member from India (academic, industry, community partner) the applicant must clearly indicate a strategy for knowledge sharing with Indian target audience;
  • Research should be in an advanced stage and deployment realistically achievable within the indicated timeline;
  • Be tailored to meet the needs of the market within which deployment is taking place to ensure successful uptake (i.e. complexity, maintenance and price-point).

Project Timeline & Budget Parameters

Projects may be of a duration of 1 year and may include some research for technology refinement on the basis of outcomes from technology deployment. The project must be completed by March 31, 2025.

As the focus of this call is on the deployment of technologies rather than research development, proposals are expected to work with budgets of up to $25,000, consisting primarily of costs related to final-stage technology refinement. Travel costs for deployment and testing activities may also be included in the budget.

Student training and engagement is a requirement on all IC-IMPACTS projects, therefore, applicants will need to demonstrate their commitment to these criteria. If the demonstration project provides an opportunity to increase student participation in the execution of the deployment within the community, an additional $10,000 can be requested for student support.

In circumstances where there is a need for a higher budget allocation, an amount of up to $45,000 can be requested.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

IC-IMPACTS is committed to supporting underrepresented and marginalized groups, hence, proposals should demonstrate compliance with the principals of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Submission Requirements 

Applications must include the following documents:

Applications may be submitted to:  [email protected]

Further Information

This is an ongoing call for proposals and there is no deadline. For any questions regarding this funding opportunity, please contact: [email protected]