Smart City X – September 23-24, 2017 – Montreal, Canada
Led by: Mr. Shervin Khazaeli, PhD Candidate, Concordia University

Smart City X is a student-led workshop dedicated to smart systems and sensors and their applications in the monitoring of infrastructures, water resources, and public health. Distinguished speakers from academia and related industries will shed light on corresponding challenges while participants will develop their knowledge and skills across various sectors.

Smart Water Irrigation – Aug 2, 2017 – Edmonton, Canada
Led by: Mr. Farhad Ismail, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta

This one-day event will be organized to understand the current technology used in the irrigation systems for agriculture and for sports field in Canada and in India. The researchers and the experts involved in this activity have experience and prospective in this area. The workshop will be dedicated to the discussion on the issues related to the use of technologies for improving and utilization of water resources.

Water: Challenges and Opportunities – July 24-25, 2017 – Edmonton, Canada
Led by: Mr. Wei Zhang, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta

The workshop will be held to promote communication and cooperation between Indian and Canadian water sector and is a great platform to exchange ideas and offer solutions for challenges in rural and First Nation communities. The 2-day event will also explore entrepreneurial and commercialization opportunities in the water sector and how students and researchers can drive innovation.

SuSWaM 2017 (Sustainable Solid Waste Management) – June 29, 2017 – Montreal, Canada
Led by: Mr. Christopher Nzediegwu, PhD Candidate, McGill University

The purpose of this workshop will be to gather people from the academics, communities and industries, and motivate them on entrepreneurial skills that will enable them start their own business. With a theme on sustainable solid waste management, the event will provide useful information that will encourage participants to gradually commercialize their research ideas in the context of solid waste management.

SIBS 17 (Smart Infrastructure & Building Systems) – May 30, 2017 – Vancouver, Canada
Led by: Mr. Mohammed Farooq, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia

SIBS17 will be a combination of, a series of seminars from experts from industry and academia, graduate student poster presentations, and a demonstration workshop for an overall balanced enrichment of students and young professionals. The workshop will demonstrate of some of the sensors used in civil engineering such as accelerometers, temperature sensors for indoor air quality & ventilation, intelligent transportation & vehicle systems etc.

CGSI 2017 – May 2, 2017 – Toronto, Canada
Led by: Ms. Zahra Kharal, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

CGSI 2017 is a Conference on GFRP-Reinforced Concrete towards Sustainable Infrastructure. This conference aims to create an interactive experience between attendees and speakers and ensure that the technology transfer from research labs to practice is successful to make GFRP more acceptable in the field for future sustainable construction.