About the Conference

On Monday, December 10, IC-IMPACTS will host its 2018 IC-IMPACTS Research Conference in India on Smart and Sustainable Cities with Intelligent Cyber-Physical Interfaces.

The conference will bring together PIs, Co-PIs, HQPs, leaders, entrepreneurs, and thinkers who are helping to drive innovation across India, Canada, and the world. The conference will spotlight innovative research findings and technologies and create a fertile ground for commercialization and new collaborations.

The event will highlight IC-IMPACTS research projects from the Centre’s three core themes: Safe and Sustainable Infrastructure, Integrated Water Management, and Public Health.

Location & Date

Date: Monday, December 10, 2018

Location: Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi), India

Travel & Accommodation

  • If you have an active grant from IC-IMPACTS, a condition of the grant is that you may use it to fund travel and accommodation for this conference. You are welcome to charge conference expenses to the grant.
  • All other researchers are invited to the conference, however, no IC-IMPACTS funding is available to support their travel and accommodation. But you may be able to apply for funding through your university.

Conference Format

The conference aims to explore existing projects and opportunities for improved infrastructure, health care, and water management in India and Canada. It will be structured into four sessions:

  1. Safe & Sustainable Infrastructure
  2. Public Health
  3. Integrated Water Management
  4. Path to Commercialization

Researchers will have an opportunity to exchange up-to-date research findings and discuss opportunities to collaborate in the future. PIs and Co-PIS are invited to develop presentations that will:

  1. Report on research progress to date and future plans for upcoming projects.
  2. Showcase our research processes to funding agencies.
  3. In addition, IC-IMPACTS will disseminate information on current and upcoming calls for proposals.

Please note: Graduate students are welcome to attend, participate, or make a presentation on behalf of a PI or Co-PI.

Speakers & HQPs

The 2018 IC-IMPACTS Research Conference is a great opportunity for students and HQP to network with like-minded innovation leaders. Students will have an opportunity to hear from HQP that are successfully working with industry and will also get a chance to network with researchers and other students from across Canada.

  • HQPs: Please note that your graduate students can attend, participate, and make a presentation on your behalf.
  • Presentations: Please prepare a PowerPoint presentation, possibly in a panel setting that will be followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A/discussion.

Post-Conference Events

  • Tuesday, December 11: Symposium and Award Ceremony for the Grant Competition “Canada India SCI Innovation Award – Getting Solutions to Market” and co-hosted with Indian Spinal Injuries Centre and Rick Hansen Institute
  • Wednesday, December 12: India-Canada Science & Technology Summit at the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi), India