India-Canada Initiative for Resilient Global Urban ShelterSafe & Sustainable Infrastructure


The primary objective of this project is to develop new cost-effective seismic isolation platform (SIP) concepts that can be mass implemented for the most commonly designed buildings in urban settings in India.


In this project, novel seismic isolation platform (SIP) concepts that are compatible with the Indian construction environment but that are also significantly less expensive than current specialized isolation devices will be developed and extensively studied using advanced computer simulations first. Then, component level experiments will be carried out in full-scale to validate the overall behaviour of the SIP concepts and to calibrate the numerical models. Finally, a full mass implementation plan of the developed SIP concepts will be elaborated. This project will also benefit Canadians, since advanced seismic protective systems such as isolation have only been implemented scarcely to date throughout Canada where extensive damage and losses are also expected from major earthquakes.

Project Team

Dr. Constantin Christopoulos, University of Toronto
Dr. Ravi Sinha, IIT Bombay


University of Toronto
IIT Bombay
Mahimtura Consultants Pvt. Ltd
J+W Consultants LLP
Hiranandani Group