A High Performance Advanced Septic (HPAS) System for Villages and Roadside RestaurantsIntegrated Water Management

Proper treatment of wastewater remains a challenge in many parts of the world, especially in small villages. This leads to toxic contamination of water sources and, with an already limited freshwater supply in India, is a critical problem.

This project will deploy a High-Performance Advanced Septic (HPAS) system to small villages, residential apartments, and roadside restaurants to provide more proficient and comprehensive wastewater treatment and disposal. The HPAS system is ideal for small rural communities in India because it is relatively simple to operate and has low operation and maintenance costs.

This project is in partnership with Environmental & Power Solutions Inc. and is actively deploying in Kakinada, India.

Project Team

Dr. Edward McBean
Dr. Y. R. Satyaji Rao


University of Guelph, Canada
National Institute of Hydrology, India