Friday, March 25, 2022 – IC-IMPACTS Student Engagement Committee and the Consulate General of India in Vancouver hosted a workshop on Friday, March 25th, at The University of British Columbia, on Make in India Initiatives – Collaborations between Canada & India: Workshop on Robotic Manufacturing Technologies for Building Carbon-Neutral Homes.

India is becoming world’s top manufacturing hub with a focus on robotics, additive manufacturing, and AI. Canada and India share complimentary expertise and business interests in these areas. One application area where these interests culminate further is in ‘smart housing’. India and Canada are collaborating on manufactured 3-D printed homes through the IC-IMPACTS program and in this workshop, experts from India, Canada and Germany came together to discuss the challenges faced by communities when it comes to housing. Solutions that reduce the time, cost, and hindrances to resource availability for building homes were also discussed.

The objective of the workshop was to look at developing 3D printed smart homes that are carbon-neutral, resilient to disasters like earthquakes and flooding, occupationally healthy, and fully benefit from the backbone of Artificial Intelligence. 

Consul General of India in Vancouver, Honorable Mr. Manish, was the guest of honor. Amongst the attendees were UBC Civil Engineering students and faculty members, industry partners, as well as some of IC-IMPACTS collaborating First Nations community members.

Dr. Mark Green, Queen’s University
Dr. Yamei Zhang, Southeast University
Dr. Biranchi Panda, IIT-Guwahati