IC-IMPACTS Tackles Infrastructure Challenges Head On with New Partnership

October 14, 2014 – Delhi, India

IC-IMPACTS, funded by the Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada, announced a significant partnership with global infrastructure leader, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL).  As one of the largest companies in the world, RIL has developed innovations in many industries, from oil and gas to textiles and retail.  However, RIL’s innovative work in safe and sustainable infrastructure will significantly help tackle the infrastructure challenges seen in both Canada and India.

With over 60,000 km of railway, 4.6 million km of roads, and 35,000 km of pipeline, infrastructure is critical to the citizens of India.  In Canada, overwhelming infrastructure needs have a very high cost.  The nation spends over $31 billion on repairing and maintaining existing water and wastewater infrastructure across the country, and another $51 billion on creating new infrastructure.  Innovations in construction design, pavement technologies and sustainable infrastructure could improve the overall efficiency of Canadian and Indian infrastructure and save countless resources that can be used elsewhere.

This new partnership between IC-IMPACTS and RIL will help address growing infrastructure concerns in both nations and demonstrate Canada and India’s commitment to technology transfer and global innovation.

IC-IMPACTS CEO Nemy Banthia and RIL Senior Vice President Mr. Gunjan Sharma were both present in Delhi, India to formalize the partnership and sign an agreement in the presence of BC Premier Christy Clark.