June 15, 2020

Like many others around the world, we have watched the news with horror as it has detailed the violent, unnecessary deaths of multiple Black and Indigenous Canadians and Americans. Though recent events are driving this conversation forward, systemic racism in Canada is not a recent revelation nor a new occurrence; it has been an unrelenting reality for Black, Indigenous, and other Peoples of Colour since the inception of this country.  

Racism and bias, whether overt or covert, intentional or unintentional, subconscious or otherwise, have no place at IC-IMPACTS or anywhere in the world. We cannot ignore the ongoing police brutality against Black Americans and Canadians; neither can we ignore the anti-Asian attacks that have plagued the COVID-19 pandemic, nor the long history of violence and oppression levelled at Canada’s Indigenous Peoples. Deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Rodney Levi remain stark reminders of how far we remain from a fair and equitable world.

We equally denounce any discrimination against marginalized communities such as the Dalits, the untouchables and the tribal populations.  

At IC-IMPACTS we value Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and we denounces racism in all forms. At the same time, we believe we can do more and we are committed to preserving and valuing everyone’s right and freedoms. IC-IMPACTS is constantly trying to eliminate systemic and unconscious biases that permeate our society and are always open to further dialogue with racialized groups to seek innovative ways to get to our goals of racial harmony and justice faster. IC-IMPACTS’ mission has always been to build healthy communities, something that cannot be truly accomplished within a racist society. Difficult conversations must be had, but they are only the first step.

We fully support those that are peacefully protesting racial injustices. 

We further support the institutional actions outlined by our host university, UBC, and are committed to doing the work necessary to dismantle racism and white supremacy. To affected faculty, students, and anyone within our network, we extend our heartfelt support and unwavering solidarity.

Barj Dhahan
Chair of the Board, IC-IMPACTS

N. Banthia
Scientific Director and CEO, IC-IMPACTS