Picture of researcher with test equipment among plants doing testing

IC-IMPACTS has awarded funds to four new Innovative Demonstration Initiatives (IDI) projects in the deployment-ready stage of development related to IC-IMPACTS themes on safe and sustainable infrastructure, integrated water management, and public health.

Man holding clipboard in left hand and test tube in right, doing work outside in a field

The IC-IMPACTS IDI projects aim to improve the health, safety, and prosperity of communities in both nations through the introduction of new technologies in Canada and India. Goals of the IDI range from encouraging technology transfer and knowledge through Canada-India research collaborations, fostering bilateral trade development between nations, and demonstrating the effectiveness of innovative technologies in the Canadian and Indian markets.

Applicants from Canada and India submitted applications during the call for proposals and after a rigorous review process, the top four projects were selected, proposed by the following researchers:

  1. Faezeh Azhari (University of Toronto) will deploy and monitor a large-scale novel scour sensor on an overwater bridge in Manitoba using dissolved oxygen (DO) probes.
  2. Damase Khasa (Université Laval) and Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Shah (University of Kashmir) will demonstrate testing and upscaling phytoremediation technology in real-world conditions on four sites—two in Canada and two in India—contaminated by heavy metals.
  3. Edward McBean (University of Guelph) and Dr. Y. Ramji Satyaji Rao (National Institute of Hydrology) will demonstrate a High Performance Advanced Septic (HPAS) system for villages and roadside restaurants as a more proficient and comprehensive wastewater treatment and disposal method.
  4. Nitika Pant Pai (McGill University) and Dr. Suma Nair (Manipal Academy of Higher Education) will conduct a demonstration study in India for a smart app-based rapid multiplex screening of HIV associated co-infections of at-risk population at the point-of-care.

For a full list of IC-IMPACTS research projects on safe and sustainable infrastructure, integrated water management, and public health, please visit our Research Projects page.