IC-IMPACTS Educates Practitioners on Advanced Infrastructure Materials

On January 5, 2015, IC-IMPACTS was present at the Stewols Knowledge Forum, an interactive session organized by Stewols India to educate attendees on advances in Resilient Concrete Infrastructure.  Held in Nagpur, India, the event was attended by various engineers, architects, professors, and executives, where they listened to IC-IMPACTS CEO Dr. Nemy Banthia give a keynote address on the benefits of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC).

In India, many structures designed to last 50 to 100 years only last about 22 years.  Most of these structures use plain materials that are less durable than newer technologies.  As the theme lead for Safe and Sustainable Infrastructure at IC-IMPACTS, Dr. Banthia is a well respected international authority on reinforced building materials.

By using high performing materials like SFRC, the strength of structures would greatly improved.  The life of these structures could be enhanced by using sensors to better monitor their strength.  “There is a need to bring about awareness of the use of the latest technology to build structure in the country,” said Dr. Banthia.

As practitioners are still hesitant in using these new technologies at full capacity, the event was a step forward in helping increase the knowledge base on such advances.