May 5, 2021

To our Indian colleagues:

The past year has been a devastating one for all of us around the world. We have lost family members, friends and colleagues to Covid-19 and we continue to be faced with uncertainties and unknowns.

We are deeply saddened by the tragic news and images emanating from India. We at IC-IMPACTS firmly support India’s fight against the pandemic and remain committed to working with India to attain normalcy.

With our Indian university counterparts, we have launched several Covid19 related projects including education related programs and materials science based projects aimed at Safe Recycling of PPE. The pandemic has truly altered our lives and it goes without saying that a global challenge needs global partnerships. We remain thankful to India for providing complimentary expertise since 2013 towards addressing our shared challenges. 

Our IC-IMPACTS Student Engagement Committee (with membership from both India and Canada) has also been proactively working to meet India’s immediate needs.  They have launched a fund-raising campaign to provide portable oxygen concentrators for the emergency units in Delhi. They are also morally and logistically supporting Indian students that find themselves stranded at home with limited opportunities to advance their research or their academic careers.

We continue to closely follow the pandemic’s impact on the Peoples of India and we would like those who are suffering to know that they remain in our thoughts and prayers. The pandemic has indeed changed the world, but it is important to remind ourselves that although we cannot meet face to face, we are not alone, and together we will win this battle.

Wishing you and your loved ones great health. Stay safe and please take care.


Nemy Banthia
CEO and Scientific Director, IC-IMPACTS