Application Submissions for India & Canada “Water for Health” Initiative Closes Successfully

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and IC-IMPACTS Centres of Excellence, Canada, partnered to create a joint “Water for Health” initiative, supporting collaborative research projects focused on developing and evaluating new technologies in the research areas of water and health.

The joint Call for Proposals closed with great success.  Over 30 applications for collaborative research were received in the areas of Water Purification Biotechnologies, Water Borne / Water Related Diseases, Waste Water Treatment, Heavy Metals Identification, and Sustainable Waste-Water Infrastructure .

DBT and IC-IMPACTS have each committed $1.5 million (Canadian dollars / equivalent Indian Rupees) in funding to help strengthen innovative collaborations between researchers working in India and Canada, and to help stimulate practical research outcomes applied in communities of both nations.

The applications are currently being reviewed, applicants will be notified of funding decisions by Dec 1, 2014.