IC-IMPACTS HQP Leadership Awards

In light of the continued impacts of COVID-19, IC-IMPACTS is offering an online version of the HQP Leadership Awards, dedicated to supporting university HQPs (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and research associates) in achieving their strategic goals while maintaining social distance during the pandemic.

This award offers HQPs the opportunity to design, manage, and lead scientific events in areas related to their research program and aligned with building Canada-India research collaborations in:

  • Safe and sustainable infrastructure, including smart cities
  • Public health, including detection and prevention of diseases;
  • Integrated water management, including renewable, off-grid energy as a source of power for water treatment;
  • Commercialization initiatives;
  • Other emerging areas of interest, including sensors to monitor civil structures and water pollution.


Expected Outcomes

The proposed event should provide an opportunity for HQPs to enhance their leadership skills, and must:

  • Preferably be inclusive of HQPs from Canada and India;
  • Demonstrate how it adds value to the skills of the HQP, for example:
    • Proposal writing (grant writing, commercialization proposal, research paper, etc.);
    • Preparing business plans for start-ups;
    • Creating and delivering presentations;
    • Developing Waste to Wealth programs (innovations and community initiatives to extract value from wastage);
    • Building teams that can deliver research and installations in communities;
    • Enhancing gender equity by engaging female engineers and entrepreneurs;
    • Engaging Indigenous communities in research;
    • Capacity-building throughout the research process, from innovation to delivery; and
    • Other areas of emerging interest can be proposed.
  • Demonstrate how it adds value to Canada-India research collaborations;
  • Recognize IC-IMPACTS as a supporter at the event, including using IC-IMPACTS social media handles (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) in promoting it.


The following items will be considered when reviewing the proposal:

  • Principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to encourage traditionally underrepresented groups to participate, both as speakers and attendees;
  • Partnering with industry and subject experts;
  • Funding from other sources to complement IC-IMPACTS funding.


Following the completion of the event, each recipient of an HQP Leadership Award will be required to submit a written report summarizing:

  • The outcomes of the event;
  • Leadership skills gained; and
  • An analysis of the impact of the event.


  • Be an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral student or postdoctoral fellow registered at a Canadian university;
  • Supervised by a faculty who is eligible to receive tri-council funding as the principal investigator (PI) at a university. A letter of support from a supervisor is mandatory;
  • Prior experience working with IC-IMPACTS or a Network of Centres of Excellence will be considered an asset.


Proposals are accepted year-round. 

Applying for the HQP Leadership Awards

Please download and complete the following documents:

Please also provide the following:

  • Draft agenda of the event
  • Support letter and statement of commitment from the Principal Investigator/faculty/researcher willing to serve as an advisor.


To submit your application or if you have any questions:

  • Please include “HQP Leadership Awards” in the subject field of your email
  • Please send your email to:  [email protected]
  • IC-IMPACTS will follow up with you within 2-4 business days following the receipt of your email.