Karl Zimmermann is a PhD candidate in Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) at the University of British Columbia, as well as a 2020 Vanier Scholar, and he loves water!

Karl’s research involves Biological Ion Exchange, a new drinking water filter technology using biology to reduce maintenance requirements and making the filter ideal for small and remote communities. Karl is also a member of RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation, a not-for-profit network of water professionals who create partnerships to bring clean drinking water to indigenous and non-urban communities.

Karl also believes in the strength of diversity – both cultural and academic – and that the best learning and personal growth comes through learning from people with diverse backgrounds. For this reason, Karl is a founding member of the UBC Future Waters Student Council, aimed to bring together students in water-related research from all disciplines across UBC, to both build a community and create learning opportunities. Karl is also president of the UBC Chapter of the BC Water and Waste Association.

When not in the laboratory, Karl can be found on the Fraser River, training with the UBC Varsity Rowing Team, or in Squamish wading into the riverbanks in search of pacific salmon. All in all, Karl is a big water guy!