IC-IMPACTS Research Project:

High Fracture Toughness, Durable Concrete with Minimized Carbon Footprint Employing Large Amounts of Industrial Wastes

Mohammed Farooq is a first year PhD student at UBC, working under the supervision of Dr. Nemy Banthia (UBC) and Dr. Faezeh Azhari (U of T). He graduated with a MASc from UBC in 2016, and a Bachelor of Engineering from BMS College, Bangalore in 2013. His research interests are interdisciplinary, in the areas of the use of advanced polymers and smart sensors for infrastructure. The research conducted during MASc has resulted in development of an innovative FRP fiber for concrete reinforcement. His interests also extend to sustainability, in the development of high performance fiber reinforced cement-free systems.

Farooq is also a teaching assistant with the department of civil engineering at UBC in the areas of concrete design and surveying. He leads the team organizing the seismic design competition for 2nd year students on Imagine Day. Farooq also chairs the committee of the Indian Graduate Student Association. He mentors and supervises the UBC concrete toboggan and concrete canoe teams. Farooq has also been a volunteer, assisting in the organization of several international research conferences (CICE 2014, ConMat’15 & BEFIB 2016).

In his free time, Farooq likes to sketch and improve upon his graphic design skills, which he has used in designing the artwork for the logos, banners, cover pages, flash drives, etc. To unwind, Farooq takes some time off every summer to hit-the-road with some of his closest buddies to find solace in the unvanquished regions of Canada.

Farooq’s goals as the vice-chair are to build upon the strong network of students established by IC-IMPACTS and SEC, and stimulate active participation in creating productive discussions and ideas.

Relationship with IC-IMPACTS

  • Graduate researcher with IC-IMPACTS since 2014
  • Participant, 2016 Graduate Student Seminar; IC-IMPACTS Annual Research Conference and AGM
  • Participant, 2015 Graduate Student Seminar; IC-IMPACTS Annual Research Conference and AGM
  • Presented poster to Research Conference titled: Presented poster to 2015 Research Conference titled: “Development of composite fibre for fibre-reinforced concrete and studying its mechanical properties”

Farooq hopes to be able to attend a Summer Institute in the coming years.