Dettah First Nation, Yellowknife, NWT

Last month, IC-IMPACTS and the Assembly of First Nations co-hosted a Focus Group on Innovation in Design & Construction of First Nations Housing. As a result, a First Nations Working Group has been formed to act as an advisory committee to the CEO and Scientific Director, IC-IMPACTS on First Nation housing innovations. It is composed of the following five experts from First Nation communities:

  • Grace Martineau: Housing Advisor of Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation
  • Irving Leblanc: Director of Housing, Infrastructure and Emergency Services at Assembly of First Nations
  • Jim Munroe: Principal of First Nations Inspections, President of the Maiyoo Keyoh Society
  • Wesley Bova: Manager of Technical Services at Matawa First Nations Management
  • Serge Bouchard: Technical Advisor to the Quebec Government and Itinerant Trainer in Housing, Mamuitun Tribal Council


The First Nation Working Group will discuss and guide IC-IMPACTS on the following areas:

  1. Assist IC-IMPACTS in partnering with a First Nation community that may be prepared to facilitate credible research and innovations in science and technology for solving housing challenges;
  2. Serve as a technology expert to develop a Joint Call for Proposals in close partnership with a First Nation community/body;
  3. Review responses that may be received by IC-IMPACTS to our Joint Call for Proposals;
  4. Recommend qualified proposals to IC-IMPACTS’ Research Management Committee;
  5. Provide cultural context as required;
  6. Any other related project or initiative approved by the IC-IMPACTS Board of Directors and based upon mutual agreement.