IC-IMPACTS Funds 5 New Health Projects in the Public Health Sector

IC-IMPACTS has successfully funded 5 new projects in the public health sector.  Please click on the images below to learn more about each project.  For a full list of each researcher and parter on each project, please visit our Research Projects page.

Dr. Mira Johri (University of Montreal) and Dr. Jitendra K. Sharma (NHSRC Ministry of Health and Family) aim to improve child vaccination and immunization rates in India.

Dr. Madhukar Pai (McGill University) and Dr. Ramya Ananthakrishnan (REACH) tackle early detection of tuberculosis using modern e-health technologies.

Dr. Sanchdev Sidhu (University of Toronto) and Dr. Amitabha Chaudhuri (SciGenom Labs) create an easier method of detecting Dengue Virus using a handheld device.

Dr. Thomas Hobman (University of Alberta), Dr. K. Barakat (University of Alberta) and Dr. Easwaran Sreekumar (Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology) all work together to create a better Dengue detection test using glycoprotein markers.

Dr. James J. Feng (The University of British Columbia) and Dr. Ashutosh Richhariya (L. V. Prasad Eye Institute) create innovative tools to detect eye infections earlier and more accurately.