On September 9, 2019, The University of Victoria and IC-IMPACTS signed an affiliated network agreement, marking a new partnership to advance student and faculty collaborations between Canada and India. This agreement is the beginning of a partnership to jointly develop Canada-India bilateral projects and startups with a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), leading to increased training of graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral students. Dr. Nemy Banthia (above left), CEO and Scientific Director, IC-IMPACTS, and Prof Jamie Cassels (above right), President and Vice-Chancellor, UVic, signed for each institution.

This event took place on the University of Victoria campus in Victoria, BC.

IC-IMPACTS and the University of Victoria will work together in promoting student-led leadership workshops, summer institutes, and technology demonstration projects in India and Canada. Through this partnership, university students and faculty members will have the opportunity to attend events with Indian educational institutes, interact with Indian industry leaders, and create student internship and HQP entrepreneurial training opportunities.

“IC-IMPACTS is pleased to be adding the University of Victoria to our network of affiliated partner universities. Together, UVic and IC-IMPACTS are excited to launch much larger initiatives with India that promote research collaborations, bring students and faculty of the two countries together, place UVic innovations in Indian and Canadian communities and provide BC and Canadian companies a platform to grow their knowledge-based exports to India.”  – Dr. Nemy Banthia

UVic Professor and IC-IMPACTS researcher Dr. Rishi Gupta spoke at the signing

By joining hands to promote increased international student activity and exchange, the two institutions have taken a bold step towards international collaborative research and business development between Canada and India.

“We are pleased to enter into this international agreement with IC-IMPACTS with our shared goal to build healthy communities in Canada and India. Global partnerships that advance our research expertise are critical to UVic’s work to contribute to a better future for people and the planet by addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues in collaboration with others with the same vision.” – Professor Jamie Cassels

Mr. Barj Dhahan, Chair of the Board of Directors at IC-IMPACTS and former UVic student also spoke.