Professor Nemy Banthia pictured at podium during a talk at 2018 IC-IMPACTS Research Conference

Professor Nemy Banthia (pictured) wins this year’s Global Citizenship Award, one of eight prestigious 2018 alumni UBC Achievement Awards that honour inspiring members of the UBC community.

Professor Nemy Banthia pictured at podium at Special Session prior to 2018 IC-IMPACTS Research Conference
Professor Nemy Banthia at Special Session on IC-IMPACTS as Gateway to India held at Cecil Green Park House on UBC’s Vancouver Campus, June 2018

As the CEO and Scientific Director of IC-IMPACTS, and Professor Distinguished University Scholar and Senior Canada Research Chair in Infrastructure Rehabilitation at the University of British Columbia, Professor Banthia was nominated for the award by Dr. Rishi Gupta of the University of Victoria for his significant contributions in the field of advanced, low-carbon and low-energy building materials and for his involvement in improving Canada-India ties through the founding of IC-IMPACTS in 2012. More importantly, this award recognizes Professor Banthia’s immense humanitarian contributions and his commitment to social change.

Professor Banthia’s dedication to community development through scientific and technological advancements has transformed the lives of people in Canada and India, namely in the areas of infrastructure, safe drinking water, and infectious diseases. In 2015, Professor Banthia voluntarily spearheaded the construction of a kilometre-long self-healing road in Thondebhavi, India, using advanced nanomodified concrete. He has shown similar enthusiasm for improving the lives of First Nations communities in Canada through the implementation of safe-water drinking technology and seismic-resilient infrastructure improvements.

Along with the other recipients, Professor Banthia will be honoured at the alumni UBC 2018 Achievement Awards Dinner and Auction in November 2018. More information about the ceremony can be found here:

IC-IMPACTS is proud to work with such an esteemed academic and innovator, and looks forward to future innovation and social change under his capable guidance.