IC-IMPACTS Students Learn How to Effectively Engage a Community

On March 9, 2016, Canadian students on IC-IMPACTS projects participated in a community engagement workshop in Vancouver to learn key skills in multi-stakeholder consultation.

Communities across Canada and India face infrastructure, water, and public health challenges every day.  IC-IMPACTS students are researching technologies that can solve these challenges and help build healthier communities.  However, technology alone is not the solution, people are the solution to these community challenges and students require the skills needed to build and sustain community trust, to work through differences and support shared goals, and to effectively engage community members with a multi stakeholder consultation process.

The students were split into three teams each tasked with engaging a community with a specific water, infrastructure, or public health challenge.  They needed to work as a team to devise a community engagement plan and multi stakeholder strategy, and then respond to surprise scenarios that would occur during the day.  Overall the workshop was a great success with students coming away with skills in networking, teamwork, and applying research in the field.

View the video above for a summary of the workshop.