Accelerating Smart Cities: Tata Consultancy Services Partners with IC-IMPACTS

IC-IMPACTS has formed a strategic partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to accelerate innovation in the smart cities sector.  TCS is one of India’s largest companies and is a global leader in consultancy and IT services with offices in over 46 countries.  IC-IMPACTS CEO Dr. Nemy Banthia and TCS VP and CTO K. Ananth Krishnan met in Mumbai to sign the new partnership agreement.

IC-IMPACTS and TCS are both committed to developing smarter and healthier cities using innovative approaches, smart systems, and clean technologies.

TCS is deeply involved in the smart cities sector, publishing economic and social reports on building intelligent urban spaces and offering Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) solutions that cover transportation, energy, governance and more.

IC-IMPACTS recently announced 10 new projects funded through its Smart and Green Buildings for Sustainable Cities initiative with the Department of Science and Technology, India.  The projects will each feature Canadian and Indian researchers, industry experts, and community partners working together to solve specific challenges in creating sustainable cities.

The Government of India is currently pursuing the urban renewal and retrofit of 100 cities all over India.  This partnership will significantly increase collaboration among Canadian and Indian research, industry, and government sectors.