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Dr. Reed Ellis

Vice President and Global Practice Leader
Bridge Engineering at Stantec

Dr. Reed M. Ellis is the Vice President and Global Practice Leader for Bridge Engineering for Stantec worldwide.  He is a senior bridge structural engineering specialist with over 30 years of experience.  He has been involved in the inspection, design, project management, and construction management of all types of bridge engineering projects, as well as structural failure investigations, expert testimony and reports. This has included projects large and small throughout Canada and in the U.S., the Caribbean, China, Pakistan, and the Middle East.

Dr. Ellis is a recognized expert in many aspects of bridge engineering including bridge inspection, bridge management, bridge management system development, bridge maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, bridge structural monitoring, and institutional training. He is a certified bridge inspector to various international standards. He has been the leader in the development and implementation of new element-level condition state inspection method of the type that is becoming the standard for bridge inspection around the world (e.g. new AASHTO Element Inspection), and in developing and delivering bridge inspection training courses for agencies and other consultants.  In this role he has trained Provincial, State and Federal DOT bridge inspectors nationally and abroad.  He is also the lead trainer in the implementation of bridge management systems nationally and internationally where he has trained BMS senior managers in the management of bridges.

Dr. Ellis has lectured in the field of bridge engineering, bridge management, and structural engineering and is a member of several bridge engineering related technical organizations and has received over a dozen personal and project-related awards.