Mr. Fouad Elgindy

Senior Program Manager
Networks of Centres of Excellence

For over eight years Fouad has provided visionary leadership both within a recipient organization and as a program manager of the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) programs in Canada. The NCE programs were established over 20 year ago and was the first national networks program focused on connecting academic researchers from across Canada to work collaboratively with private sector, government and academia to overcome large-scale research challenges. This networking model is recognized internationally and replicated by other countries including Australia, Japan, and Iceland.

In 2008, Fouad transitioned as the Science and Research Manager of an NCE program recipient to work directly with the secretariat responsible for the delivery of this critical program within Canada’s innovation strategy. With his rapid career advancement within the organization, Fouad’s responsibilities have grown beyond program management to providing strategic leadership and direction on new and existing programs that span research (both domestic and international) and commercialization.