Mr. Shervin Khazaeli

Graduate Seminar Coordinator
Department of Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Concordia University

IC-IMPACTS Research Project:
Structural Health Monitoring of Tall Buildings Using Vibration-Based Techniques

Shervin is a PhD student at Concordia University under the supervision of Dr. Aushtosh Bagchi. He has been involved with IC-IMPACTS since January 2016. Prior to his current studies, Shervin was at Sharif University of Technology in Iran, where he studied civil engineering. His primary motivations for this position for joining the SEC can be summarized by the following quote: “Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success”. (Henry Ford)

His research encompasses three areas: Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence (HI-AI) Solutions for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in Light of Cloud Computing Services, which involves assessing the current condition of structures and mitigating the probable hazards by means of  HI-AI learning procedures; Computational Mechanics and Geomechanics, which involves physical modelling and analyzing continua and discontinua with the aid of enhanced numerical approaches; and Static and Dynamic Mixed Boundary Value Problem (MBVP) – mathematical modelling of MBVP (particularly soil-structure interaction problems) and expressing the exact physics of the problem in conjunction of numerical solutions.

In addition to his research, Shervin has experience leading university students and engineers within industry. At university, he has led students for different competitions and is now mentoring master and PhD students. He is also working with a fast-growing company, SensequakeTM, in Montreal focusing on smart assessment of structures.

Relationship with IC-IMPACTS

  • Team Leader, 2016 HQP Leadership Award
    • Hosting workshop in 2017: “Smart Systems and Sensors for Monitoring of Infrastructures, Water Resources, and Public Health”
  • Participant, 2016 Summer Institute on Nanotechnologies
    • Rapid-fire poster presentation title: “On The Physical and Data-Based Modeling of Self-Sensing Carbon Nanotubes Concrete: Extended-Finite-Discrete Element Method and Data Mining Techniques in Structural Health Monitoring”
    • Member of team awarded Excellence in Collaboration and Creativity Award for their presentation on smart pipelines as part of the Scientific Entrepreneurship Workshop